Spray paint the same?

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Is spray paint the same as the plastic paint from a hobby store?
No. regular spray paint would fade / chip away. For RC Lexan bodies you need RC paint, or polycarbonate paint. I used / use Duratrax with no issues. Tamiya and Traxxas are also good brand paints.

ProLine has paints too, but they are liquid and more for like airbrush painting instead of rattle can.

Before painting, make sure to clean the inside of the body, wipe it down, and use some alcohol, and then it should be ready, do this so the paint has something to stick / adhere too.
I have actually had luck with rustoleum 2x stuff. It does stick, just do light coats because it’s a thick paint

The black was a spazstix, the gray was also rustoleum. The windows are tinted with Tamiya tint. It will chip where it’s not backed up with some goo, like ANY polycarb paint. You can see right behind the front wheel well where some gray is missing, and down below where the spaz chipped off. 2 different paints unprotected by some flex paste chipped/cracked away.
The big disadvantage is the lack of colors, such as pearly or fluorescent stuff, or the color you want may not be in store.


some rustoleum grey and red on the 1/24
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