Signs I need a new clutch

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I think it's time for a new clutch. At least a clutch spring anyway.
I am using the stock clutch shoes and spring and no matter how low the idle or rich the LSN, the clutch seems to always want to engage with my CB and spin my spur gear. I think I am loosing a little low-end punch here because the engine cannot spin up a litte before the clutch engages. And yes, I did check the shoes and they are in the leading-edge configuration as Traxxas suggests in the manual.

So what kind of suggestions do you fellas have for a clutch spring/shoes setup??
It sounds like you have done an accurate job of self diagnosing the problem...get yourself a new spring, and fix the issue.
Are there any worthwhile clutch upgrades besides the MIP clutch?

I will definately try a new spring first. I sometimes need a second opinion on things. :)
Someone was making Alum or Ti ones a while back. I have to dig up the link. I have no idea how they are.

I have also seen some 4 piece ones in the mags. Those require the flywheel change as well. And no idea how those run either.

I like the mip because I have 4 diff configurations. I tried them all and went with the one I like best. 1st hole Leading Engagement. They will probably wear faster, but, I love the punch.
I thought of drilling another set of holes in the stock shoes to try a more aggressive clutch engagement.
Know anyone who has tried this?
RC ALLOYS. i think this is what you're lookin for. the shoes engange quick and hard. great launch and response through out the range. 2 thumbs up for these.
i just told you...........RCALLOYS.COM. check it out!:banana:
I havent found anyone else selling them and the price doesn't look too bad.

Thanks for the info FantomMaxx! Lost that one. Glad to here they work very well too! I may just have to order a pair.
MIP makes a “4 in 1” clutch for the AE. It lets you adjust it 4 ways. It also comes with 2 weights that you can add to the shoes for a more aggressive hit.
I haven’t tried it on my Maxx but see no reason it wont work, **Dont quote me on that one. ;)

MIP 4 in 1
I was running my T-Maxx yesterday and I found out that I will be needing a new clutch. If I place the Maxx against a solid object and give it about 1/2 throttle, the CB dosen't even move. I had already replaced the clutch spring for another problem, but it looks like I will need the whole assembly.

I'm thinking of trying a metal clutch for durability.
Here's a little trick I did on my clutch bell a few weeks ago and really helps in the gripping. I used a dremel and roughed up the running surface on the clutch bell. It'll probably wear the shoes faster but it grips like there is no tomorrow.