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Just wondering if anyone knows where to get a good screw kit.
Darn good question! I personally take the DuBro and AE (associated) way out on this one. Only because no matter how much I have spent on a screw, they all do pretty much the same thing.

Now a good #2 slotted metric screwdriver is probably the best way to keep a screw head intact. Even the cheapest of them usually wont strip with this screwdriver. And if you can use a hex head, then by all means do. Especially, especially if you have a good set of drill blank bit based drivers. Granite, its not practical to use them everwhere, but wherever possible is good with good drivers.
Hardcore Racing makes a pretty good hex head metric set for the T-Maxx. It is rather pricy, but I have yet to go through the entire set of screws in over four months of bashing. I replaced all phillips head structural screws with hex drive screws.