Savage Vid!!!!!!!!

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Concur...there's a truck that could very easily knock the T-Maxx off it's perch as the number one RC Truck (if it gets the time and customer base to do it). Thanks to that video, I'm now thinking about one as an addition to the stable. Still plan on building a SuperMaxx, but that looks like a nice "little" truck.
that truck just might push it's way into the numer 1 spot and push the T-Maxx down to 2nd !!

it is a very nice looking truck i like the styling of the chassis !!
i can rember when the EK4 was in the same situ,videos for us to see and mag reviews too,i wanted one big time,then i saw one in action,Hmmmmm,then i saw another in action,wow am i glad i got a T-Maxx,i`ll wait and see how the new ones do over the next few months.
most of all i hope which ever one you guys choose is good for you,i do not wish you to get a pile of poop.:)
theres one thing I'm thinking of here guys .. my first r/c was a hpi NMT which i thought was the business, but the after market sales wasn't that great for it, on the other hand the rs4 was great .. new bodies were being turned out every month or so and the hop up parts were superb.. but we with the nmt's were getting a little frustrated at the lack of bodies and hop ups that the nmt had .. i just hope that hpi will give a little more attention to there new truck and not just bring it out and forget about it like its seems they did with the nmt ... i know the maxx body and wheels fit on the savage which is a good start but lets hope ( for those who are going to buy one ) they carry on with it and bring out some good stuff for it
Well I have mine on order and I will let you all know my opinions of it once I have it in my hands. I think by making it compatable with T-maxx rims, tires, and bodies is already a step in the right direction. It will give those of us with T-maxxes as well more options for both trucks. HPI bodies are very detailed, and if you don't like what they have there are a ton of T bodies already that will fit it. Then there are the adapter hubs to fit other brand rims and tires too, not to mention Imex regular size Maxx tires and rims and Jumbo maxx tires and rims. As far as all the new 1:8 scale trucks coming out, and out already, I am willing to take a chance on this one. How much after market support is there for the others? Not much as far as I can tell. With the compatability of this one with after market stuff already available imo makes it the choice for me.
i agree with you there nitro .. dont get me wrong i wasn't knocking the savage not by a long way, i have always been a hpi fan having owned a rush, an nmt, a rs4 and now a rally and am thinking about buying one myself .. so i will be waiting on your thoughts on the new one when you get it
Hey Bronco, no I didn't think you were knocking it, I always like to hear everyones thoughts and opinions and then make my own judgement from there. I was just putting my .02, well ok maybe .03 or .04 cents on it also, lol. Anyway I can't wait to get mine! I will definately give you an honest review of what I think once I get it. I too have a HPI RS4 3 and with just a few after market hop ups I love this thing (as much as you can love a street car anyway, lol). Have you seen the video yet, I was even more impressed after watching it climb steps with ease, and for a 1:8 it seemed to get pretty big air. Also remember the one in the video is most likely a stock RTR version, but wait till we get our hands on em :p November won't come soon enough for me!
i have been hoping that hpi would make a big truck for sometime now and it seems that the waiting is over ... the more i see the pics and vid the more i like the savage .. having just finished my 21 max, it seems like the savage has come along at the right time for me .. can't wait to get my hands on it .. lets hope the hop ups come thick and fast .. BTW i know what you mean about the rs4 3 .. same went for my mt
While it's possible that the Savage could knock the T-Maxx off it's perch it is unlikely. Unfortunately the T-Maxx has been around too long which makes it's name the product seller rather than the actual product. While the Savage will probably get great reviews the first bad one and a ton of people will be saying, "I knew it couldn't compete with the T-Maxx." I personally might get one to tinker with after I build my TI-Maxx.
all i can say is when the savage comes out ,, the maxx has had its day .. traxxas should have kept up with other companies by bringing out a 21 instead of this hoped up old one :)
I view this subject as I view my favorite paintball gun, there are many similar guns like it but the basic stock gun is still alive and kicking over 10 years after initially coming out. While there are many products that are better then a stock T-Maxx the name T-Maxx and Traxxas are well known throughout the RC community and they will not soon be forgotten.
yup. the savage definitely looks sweet! it has an interesting chassis design. if i was gonna buy another truck it's a safe bet it would be this one! for now i'm just gonna supe up my maxx.