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First.........Take that poor excuse of a carb off and throw it as far as you can :p Then put an OS 10e carb in its place (make sure its the one with the threaded screw holes in both sides). Then........Take that piece of junk stock header off, and throw it next to the carb. Take your stock T-maxx header that most anyone with a T has already replaced, and put it on the RS4 3. Man it was like buying a new car, this thing was screaming tonight!!! It will now sit at idle without loading up and dying, the throttle response is so much better and the top end is waaaaay better. That stock header and carb really hurt the performance of this car. I was amazed at the difference. I stripped the blue of the stock T header and polished it and it looks great too. Now I just need the two speed and tuned pipe and this thing will fly :banana: I was ready to get rid of this car until tonight!
Here here! I hear a lot of people get on the RS4. Just needs a little facelift. Like my ex-wife!!!! LOL. Treat her right and she'll do you fine. It's good to hear the mods really work. I've been lining them up. I haven't done my Maxx exhaust yet, so the header isn't available. But it will go on there once it's ready. And the carb may not be far behind. Might do the 2-speed first. My bro has a NRS4 2 with an Evo 2 in it. I need all the help I can get.
Take my word for it, do the carb before the two speed. I really don't think the two speed will work all that well if you can't get the engine to run right. That carb was imo the best thing I could have done to my RS4 3, it is running like a champ and it runs good at both ends now. I used to have to mess with the throttle trim all the time just to keep it running at idle, I did not touch my throttle trim once tonight. Like I said the difference is not just noticable but amazing! It idles smooth, launches great bucause its not loading up, and screams at top end. Now I REALLY need the two speed. It does more donuts now then the police, lol. I definately need stickier tires, trust me get a carb, I see them used all the time for about $20, just get one and you can thank me later. :p
Where is a good place to get an OS 10E Carb and T-maxx header? Will this work with a .15 size Nitro Star engine? I have an HPI RS4 and I have the same problem that you had with my car sitting at idle. Everytime I line up for a race I have to have a turn marshell hold my car because it won't stay in place because I have to keep the car at a high idle or it will die. TIA.

Hey mcvickj, which RS4 do you have The tmaxx header will only work on a RS4 3 or RS4 3ss, it wont work on the RS4 and the RS4 2 due to the way the engine is installed in those for the belt drive. Any hobby shop should carry the traxxas T-maxx header. I am still running the HPI .15, it fits just fine. I got my OS carb from a friend so I'm sorry I can't help you out there. But believe me it is definately worth doing, the performance increase is incredible, and the tunability is great, no more compromise due to the single needle carb. I love this car now. Just a few more things like a tuned pipe, two speed tranny, and adjustible turnbuckles, and this thing will fly.:banana:
Doh. Mine is just the RS4. What do you suggest I get first to help with the performance? I am just getting into the RC world and kinda learning by the seat of my pants. :)

I'm not really sure, sorry I never had a RS4 2 but I am sure if you start a new thread there will plenty of guys here who can help you out. Sorry bud
NC, what did you use to strip the blue off the Traxxas header. I've heard to use EZ-Off. Does that work? Luckily I use a 1/2 HP bench grinder fit with 5" buffing wheels at work. I'll be able to see myself in that puppy when I'm done.
Yes, I used easy off, it will take a couple of times to get it all off. Spray it on and let it sit about 5 min, then wash it all off and do it again. It took about four times to get it all off. Then I used my dremel to polish it, it really looks good!
I was gonna get a rs4 3 ss but I got a tc3 instead:D :p
Originally posted by mcvickj
Doh. Mine is just the RS4. What do you suggest I get first to help with the performance?

Get the carb then the 2 speed tranny then a pipe and header.
I have the two speed and had an extra carb and that thing screams :banana:
Divine, so you put that OS carb on your RS4 huh, you have been a busy man the past few days, lol. That carb made a world of difference on my RS4 3 :banana:

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