RPM front arms and caster angle

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is it normal to lose some caster angle upon installation of RPM front arms? i used to have the stock arms + 4spacers on each arm but after installation of RPM front arms the angle seems a bit less by few degrees...


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Yeah, the RPM arms do not allow for caster adjustment as they are molded to fit precisely between and/or around the bulkheads mounting tabs. You could easily modify them but that MAY run the risk of voiding the warranty.


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When I put my RPM arms on, they still allowed for 4 spacers in front (or back if you want less steering) and you can mill down the bulk head a bit and get two more in. No one I've seen at the track or anywhere else with the RPM arms has a set that doesn't allow for caster adjustments. Not sure where you got some that fit precisely between and/or around the bulkheads mounting tabs. Strange indeed.


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after installing the RPM arms i am still using the 4clips but the caster angle decreased a bit. i might grind a bit off the the bulkheads to allow more clips (2 more)

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