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Does anyone know how much a stock upper and lower a-arm weigh? And what does an RPM upper and lower a-arm weigh. Anyone with a good accurate scale that could help me out would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering what the total difference in weight would be switching from stock arms to RPM arms. Thanks in advance for any help.
Upper 19gr or .7oz
Lower 22gr or .8oz

I dont have RPMs so you now have 1/2 your answer.
The weight saving is not why most people go with the RPM products. The real reason is the strength of the plastic they use and the lifetime warranty/guarantee against breakage....basically bulletproof, you break it they replace it...
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Sky, I know what you are saying about the strength, aren't they actually made of nylon as opposed to plastic? I'm sure the RPMs are heavier though and I was just wondering how much heavier they actually are. How much more weight for the complete set vs. the stock set.
RPM's lifetime warranty really says all that needs to be said about their products. Look at it this way, you buy a set of RPM a-arms for your t and also a spare or two. If you ever break one then send it back and install the spare. After the broken one is replaced with a new one then now you have a brand new back-up. When you consider the price for a full set of front and rear a-arms it's only $40 +/- and then buy 2 spares and you're up to $60 for an entire set plus 2 sets of back-ups, not a bad investment.
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Happy to help
i use rpm for every replacement i can. Just as El pirata said "RPM's lifetime warranty really says all that needs to be said about their products"
yo ncnitro. no, rpm doesn't make bulkheads. i emailed them about bulkheads and they emailed back saying that there was an inherent design flaw in the bulkheads that may make them weak. he did say that they are seriously looking at chassis braces though.
i am going to try this from rpm

80152 T-Maxx / E-Maxx Bulkhead Braces - Black
just got my first real hop-up outside of a fuel filter and a motorsaver... rpm offset clawz! can't wait to try them out.
nice let me/us know how you like them. I am in the market and looking for feed back on tires and rims.
Good choice of rims, I have those rims and I love em. What tires are you going to use? I use Mashers and they are great tires.
I use as much RPM as possible.

A Arms
Bulkhead Supports
Shock Towers
Spring Cups
Shock Spacers
Dual Rate Shock Piston Plates


The Titan Wide Offset rims are awesome too! I run them with the mulchers. If I could have done something different though, I would have bought the dyeables so they didnt chip.
i'm trying to decide whether to go with rpm a arms and towers or the pro-line kit. the pro-line seems a little expensive if you have to buy cvd's with it. anybody run the pro-line and the rpm offsets?
The monster claws in the stablemaxx version are great for offroad. Watch out for big air, the landings my crush the central hub on the rear rims...at least that has happened on a set I am sending back to rpm for replacement....
Sky, did you have a #10 washer (I think thats the size) on the outside of the rim? I have heard of that happening before and rpm recommends puting a washer on the rim. I did this and have not had any problems at all, other then the chrome is chipping off. I might just strip it all off and leave them white.