Rhino 1/18 pan car woes

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I can not get this car to go straight. Any amount of throttle over maybe 15% causes the car to spin out. I don't remember if it is clockwise or counter but whatever it is it is always the same way. I tried the front droop screws, the front spring preload, rear shock from ultra soft to hard. I even bought the thinnest torsion plates or whatever they are called on this car. They connect the drive pod to the main chassis and add stiffness torsionally. I have two crc cars, 1/10, 1/12, and a serpent 1/24. All of them handle awesome. All cars built on glass. No crashes. I have literally 50 rc cars currently, all drive nice. I have 32 years experience, cars, helis, planes, quads, boats, everything. I put this car away for 6 years and decided to give it another go at fixing the handling but no dice. I just installed a savox 0262, running at 8.4v and a gyro just to test and it spins faster than the gyro can respond. The gyro reacts but not quick enough even on 100% gain. I'm stumped. I never sell my cars but this one is about to see ebay if I can't figue it out. Anyone have ideas? Oh yeah, also tried normal, super tight(essentialy locked) and super loose diff. No difference. Blows me away that nothing changes it at all. Yes all bearings spin freely, the have 15min drive time at most.