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My rear diff is gone, won't spin at all. A guy at my track said it was probably the two side bearings that came apart?? He said that the gears are probably fine. I havn't ripped it all apart yet so I just want to here what you think. I hope its just the bearings:)
I've had bearing failure before on the diffs and i'm afraid to say it took the spider gears out as well.

If you turn the wheels in opposite directions does it feel nocthy? if it does the spiders are dead for sure....

Good luck.
what would you say is best to re lube with,i got one of them on the strength of your post when you first got one,and agree with it`s cleaning ability.
Make sute you put your dif back in the proper way or you will have a push-me- pull-u :)
When i spin the wheels back and forth real quick it makes a horrid clicking noise. Do any of you know if the RRP diff is any stronger or is it pretty much as good as stock.
thanx, thedominator
i wash my maxx most weekends,am i asking for trouble or does it have to be really soaked to cause bearing failure?
Be careful if you use the stock bearings and use water when washing your Maxx. It will rust the bearings on you. It's already happened to me. I learned to only use denatured alcohol to clean the chassis components. I ended up buying a full set of Team Blue Star rubber sealed bearings. I like them so far.
Bearings have been a bone of contention for me. Yes, Using any liquid will harm your bearings in the long run. Shielded bearings don’t last long .

I have used ultra cheep bearings up to way over priced ones. IMO the Team BlueStar (From Ebay) have provided me with a cost effective bearing that is rubber sealed. No its not the best bearing made but it lasts a good long time and will keep the moisture out from washing and running under wet conditions. You can pick them up as a set or one at a time. If you order direct they are $1.80 each. I have them an all my R/Cs and love them.
i`ll just wash other peoples maxxes then and keep mine in good shape:)
With a shielded bearing anything that gets into the bearing will mix with the grease and sooner or later cause it to fail. This is also true with a sealed unit as well bu it will take much longer
that is a good price for the kit,does it include all needed for the maxx,are they the ones to have?