really cool gas can

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i just got this really kool airplane starter box from my grandpa in the mail yesterday, and look what came with it! this really old cool gas can. it has a clunk in it too! the tops a little rusty, but the inside and the bottom looks good. I'm not planning on using it but its just really cool.
srry images wouldnt upload, i used my site
oh and i took the pics in the basement if your wondering, because thats where i had it stored (and i DON'T live in my moms or some1s basement)
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no year

Thats awesome, what year does it have on it?
thnx about the awesome! :D
funny you should ask that,
i just looked at that tank and it doesn't have a year or a date. just where it was made at, made by eagle in the U.S.A in Wellsburg where ever Wellsburg is

I just did a recent google search about Wellsburg, its made in West Virginia, Wellsburg
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