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Ok guys get ready its the moment you have all been waiting for, lol or not.

break in
- break in was qiute ez. its just that first tank thats the tuff one. After adjusting the low end to rich it fire right up. i trimmed out the throttle and let it idle for about 1 minute then slowly drove it back and forth only 1/4 throttle the second tank was very ez. the engine started on the first pull and off we went. i ran it about the same but gave it alittle bit more throotle. on the 3rd tank it fired up again on the first pull this thing really doesn't make your arm sore. the forth tank i started to open it up to about 3/4 throttle. the fourth tank was the last tank coming straight from the manual. i ran 5 just to be safe. on the 6th tank i open her wide open and after giving it about 1/2 turn lean it was really going. the break in was a trouble free succes.

Lets start with handling.
well this truck has very nice handling. it has the bell crank steering and with my futaba servo it was very sharp. the brake is adjusted from the factory to slow down alittle when you come off the throttle so it wont wip as much. i like wipping so i will lossen the brake up tommoro.

The rc10gt plus has tons of acceleration it has a very reliable and fast clutch on. After break in i leaned it out a bit and i must say wow.

engine and tunability
The truck is qiute ez to tune other then it wouldnt start off the bat because the low speed needle was too lean for some reason. one full turn rich and it started on the 3rd pull. The engine itself has good solid power. it will sure do the job. It doesn't have the highest rpm or horse but it will get you raceing until you switch to a o.s or other engine.

Well when i got the chance to open it up after the 5th tank it was very slugish and slow. the hsn needed to be leaned out some and after that it was performing like a bueaty. it was very fast after i got it dialed in. It almost felt like i was driving my touring car. only it was about 13 mph slower(estimate). Plus its alot esier to handle then a touring car:eek:

realiability: its very reliable the engine is a good one. I have also heard things about the AE pipe boosting reliablilty.

This truck has lots of goodies.
Its has 4 aluminum shocks
Full ball bearings
Blue aluminum team chasi
adjustible camber
adjustible toe-in/out
lets just say its fully adjustible shall we.:bow: :bow:

i think that sums things up if i left anything out please tell me. i dont have a digital camera so unforunently there are no actaion shots. have fun reading!

heres a think if your intersested in buying(thanks hunter)
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Good review:classic: But if you could add a link for people who would like to see the truck you talking about that would be great info for the new buyer.