RC10 Paved Oval Truck

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El Dorado Hills, CA
Here are some photos of converted GT.
I'm still building it and need to put my foam tires and a body on it.
How low can you go??
Sweet truck.
All of my stadium trucks seen on-road duty only. Plenty of fun. :banana:

I am starting what I'll call a project to mount a Tamiya Humvee body on my Nitro Sport. The only real issue is fabricating body mounts.
I raced my GT this weekend and it seems to work well. For its madden voyage I took 2nd in heat 1 and 3rd in heat 2. I Qualified 5 for the A Main and was un able to complete the race. Boo-Hoo. Flipped when I got rear ended and played pinball for 3 other trucks on turn 1. The only problem was a popped turnbuckle end. The corner marshal shut me off instead of popping it back on. The truck proved rather easy to control and stuck to the pavement much better than my XXX due to the 5-degree caster blocks. All in all a good Sunday at the track.

I am going to the RPM A-arms and get rid of the ball studs and replace them with a direct connect. This should eliminate this issue in the future.