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Senton 2s advances out of Round 1 to its first Finals appearance run-off against the Rustler 106R. Senton put down six runs with a delta between them of 0.36mph and a 33ft best of 21.02mph. Dial-in for the Final is 20.81mph based off the six-run average. Any faster than that in the Final and it's a break-out run. Limited shut down out front of the house so Senton was held to 75% THR by the rules package.

Gearing up to squeeze a bit more speed out of it cost me. Senton ran 3mph slower. But shot group is real tight with all its runs pretty much spot on the same. Today's event ran on a rougher texture surface than Senton tested out on. Might have lost some of the speed there too.

JConcepts Dotek Street Eliminator tires mounted to ARRMA SC 14mm wheels got the call for the rears today. Think they're keepers for this rig. P-L Icons up front. They're a bit heavy for drag racing but I like their looks.

Cheers, mates. 'AC'

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I like the Doteks, I used them at various times this year with success. When it got warmer, I switched to the Mambos.
TRX/ahr43 106R did its piece of the Street Eliminator final today. Two passes for record. Broke out both passes. Second pass with THR rolled back from 75% to 70% trying to make dial-in still breaking out by 0.24mph.

Beginning to figure out the staging and rolling start layout for consistency between competitors. Using left-over monster truck rumble tubes 20in length . Blue tube is 20in length for staging. Here truck must come to a complete stop before entering red zone. Red tubes 60in length are the roll-in zone. No burn outs or hard acceleration allowed. Only enough forward motion to break inertial at-rest. Start line is tar seam. Set-up and tear-down quick and easy. Vital to the series.

Hot pitting off the back of my truck. Next up, tomorrow hopefully, is the Senton 2s for its Street Eliminator final. Texture of the away site is much smoother than the home site. Figger that's why the 106R broke out twice. Anxious to see how the Senton handles it.

Cheers. 'AC'

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Senton 2s takes Event 3 Bracket Eliminator title. Both 75% THR elimination passes came in under its 20.6mph dial-in. The first pass the better of the two at 0.21mph under dial-in.

Rules package requires one of the two elimination passes must be 75% THR full throttle full length. That was Senton's first pass. At first was hesitant anticipating a break-out with a fresh battery. But car was so consistent in establishing its break-out average previously that went all-in on the first pass. It didn't disappoint. Second and final elimination pass at 70% THR to ensure no break-out. Later graphic read-out showed it coming slightly slower at 0.26mph under dial-in.

Although the speeds between the two competitors in the Final Elimination were significant, the dial-in difference between winner and runner-up was only 0.45mph. Close racing. That makes further development and refinement of this 33ft RC Street Legal drag series promising.

Thanks for looking in. Cheers. 'AC'

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