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It starting to look like just you for now FastEddy:classic:
The only races I have been running in are Ralleigh races. Next year, when a bigger track comes around, I plan on racing more. Until then, I'm just hosed with bashing. Which I do enjoy VERY much so!
you ever see the sopranos? Well if you remeber the sports shop ramsey outdoors. WEll they race they every sunday (paramus nj) It is for bragging rights only. (play racing) the cool thing is most of the people are hobby shop owners and they bring tons of nice racing stuff. They drag race, and have the tree. (the lights for drag racing) i think it starts around 9 but racing begins around 10. Tons of fun!! I know that you are not all local but I am just sharing info. Maybe you can start something like this by you.
i would like to get into racing at some point, I need to find where they race where I moved to. I am getting a micro rs4 for the months of rain, when I can only run indoors, and racing that would be a lot of fun.

No racing here. Haven't seen another RC in this town in the 4 years I've lived here.
I would love to race, but there aren't any tracks around here.:(
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No, but we are trying to build a track and hope to finish it by the end of the fall. Plan on adding the finishing touches over the winter and hopefully next spring we will begin a racing season. We also plan to do oval racing every 3rd weekend of the month.
i would race once my skills are up to par!
I'm preparing my car for next year. That will be my year racing on-road
i race every other sat but i always win becuz the other guys kinda suck
LOL! I havent seen a post with Niffken in it for almost a YEAR!

Well I personally don't race. I went to places where they race onroad and have chickened out everytime. So now I don't waste my time and just bash. Although I do plan on racing my savage.
Refer to sig below.:trashed:
I used to race an then took an R/C break for about two years. I wasn't any pro by any means but did ok. For the most part I went to have fun for the day. I ran at my own pace and finished where I did, it didn't matter that much. I'm kinda getting the itch again but the local Hobbtiwn is the only close track and that place just plain sucks. Here is the race start and finish, "Ok, go ahead" and "I guess that's it. the [color] truck wins". No transponders, rarely is anybody marshalling the track, the most trucks I've seen on the track at one time was four. The track is rougher than the grand canyon and very poorly maintained.
I do want to get to another track at Mount Joy, PA called Pit Stop Hobbies (little plug for them). They run nice races with good PA system, computerized scoring system, no fees for transponder use (unless this has changed). That is where I used to race. It just got to be too much driving to go an hour one way every Saturday and not get home until late evening. The best I ever finished was 2nd and the worst was not even getting the start (died on the line and would not restart :dumb: ).
Overall, I think racing is what you make of it. Everybody starts at one time and if the others racing are decent people, then they already know that and will not give you any problems and actually be a big help. At least the ones I raced with never refused to help with advise or answer questions. After you get to know each other it is even more fun.
Race the track, not the other trucks/cars!
That's all I do is race. Basically every weekend. I very rarely run my buggy any other time during the week.

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