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Hey guys,
Ran a partial practice session today for the RC10T3. She's next up to run an event third weekend of March. My backyard track. Scale 1/4 mile oval. Lane definition in the image is difficult to see. This time of year, grass is dormant.


  • 20200228_125757_28Feb20 T3 Prac.jpg
    20200228_125757_28Feb20 T3 Prac.jpg
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Looks like fun and great lookin rig.
Turf maintenance is ongoing to keep it healthy and growing for a good racing surface. Broadcast a bag of bonus S last month.

Since then, registered with the Scotts Lawn Care website. They offer a program to tailor lawn care to my specific yard, and more importantly, track requirement. What they came up with for a recommendation is a 4-times a year application: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Cost wise, that comes to a little north of $100 for the year. It gets broadcast over the entire back yard, so it is not just the track that benefits. But the track gets an extra pass to keep weeds down and growth healthy.

Disclaimer. Not a Scotts promotional here. Just what I use. Certain other law care sites offer similar programs.

Shown in the images is part of corner 1 and turn 2 of the oval. This time of the year with grass dormant, on-and-off track definition is a bit tough to discern in these images. Pretty tight, but a comfortable do with a 2WD ST.

Putting this up here for those that may be thinking of having turf as part of their track. Turf takes a bit of commitment and TLC to keep it race ready. Cheers and Regards. 'AC'

20200203_100344_Track Turf Maint.jpg
20200203_100353_Track Turf Maint 2.jpg
Good news is: close cut the track last Thursday for this weekends scheduled event. With longer days and warmer temperatures, the track surface, infield and out fields are beginning to show good definition.

Bad news is: rain moved in Friday and continued through today. Event suffered its second rain out of the season. January and March rained out. February event went o.k.

Looking now to the April event. Track will get a different cut to support an endurance event with all four trucks in competition. Plan on cutting two dog leg corners into the infield with a 22in lawn mower width narrow straight between. Before then will lay down another bag of fertilizer/weed killer.

Cheers. 'AC'

20200319_124709_event close cut.jpg
Looks like you have been running there for awhile... :)
Looks like you have been running there for awhile... :)

Hey Tunedpipe. This is second season for the track. Last year 16 events. This year 8 Events + 2 Special Tests for 10 races total. Fewer events and less laps. Scheduling more test sessions and practice sessions between events. Front straight shows wear because it doubles as family foot path and path the dog takes.

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Sounds fun...
RC10T3, race #4, event Parc Ferme (Impound) for weigh check. Passing at 62oz, truck earns a provisional place 10 [P10] finish and one (1) point for last weekends rain-out. Rain-out additionally qualifies the '4 Truck' for double points at its scheduled fall event. Both actions are allowed by current rules package and approved by RD. Cheers. 'AC'

S6303958_20200322_parc ferme wt.JPG
S6303961_20200322_parc ferme wt2.JPG
Hello RCers,

Ran off a two-day qualifying session ending yesterday. Track is coming together well and providing a good, durable racing surface. Qualified four RC10Ts of various models and one TRX Rustler. This was going to be the month of the endurance run-off, but did a complete switch and ran an entirely new format based on 4-lap speedway motorcycle racing. Only four of the five trucks transfer to the next two race events. Rusty bumped the T4 '72-truck'.

Hmmm. . . been a while since posting to this thread. Thought I'd started one here. Took a bit of scrolling to find it.

Back then it was a 2s Stadium Truck grass track oval. Fast forward four years and it re-emerges as a 2s Open Class scrambles track tri-oval. Small before, it's even tighter now. But the tri-oval config makes it seem faster.

Anyway, bringing all of you in on the end of Event 5 2024 season. Finals are set. Senton 2s 2WD buggy running off against the TRX 'Blue Streak' 2WD ST. Senton had the better semi-final time so gets push-to-pass for one of its two final 10-lap features.

Good having this backyard track back in operation again. Forgot how much fun it was. -AC

20240601_075206_grasstrack resize.jpg

20240610_101937_grasstrack resize.jpg