ran my tmaxx for the first time in 2 weeks

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i was too lazy to fix my pullstarter, so it just sat, and sat... but my friend got his t today, so i got mine going, and wow, i got the nitro bug back ahhh i feel complete now:) :banana: :banana:
Congrats, I sometimes let mine sit between races but i try to run it:)
Two Weeks??????? EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK I'd have withdrawls:D Nitro withdrawls?:confused: Heck Id be going :banana: 's:D
(singing) Nothing could be finer than the smell of your nitro in the moooooooooooorning:banana: :banana: (cough cough) sorry I never could sing:D
2 weeks brings on cold turkey,is the a nitro substitute for when you are clinic bound;)
I'm about to break a week long MAXXin' fast...El Pirata from the TRAXXAS board and I are gonna go do a little muddin' and bashin' this weekend. We'll keep all apraised of the aftermath...
will that be your first meet with EP this week.
Easy...that is correct. Stumbled across each other in the TRAXXAS forum, turns out he is stationed about 45 minutes from where I live. This may be the start of a little club...who knows...
Sky...big bashing crew is more like it.once you get two or three maxxes togrther people always watch and want to get one.
Originally posted by Easy-MAXX
Sky...big bashing crew is more like it.once you get two or three maxxes togrther people always watch and want to get one.

That would be awesome...a few more MAXXers and a new Posse is born. We'll see.
what would the posse be known as, (your location)beach bashers,or Quake bashers.
Probably the "Inept Bashers" at this point. The weekend was a wash. Pirata's play area was in pretty decent shape. He made the mud a little muddier by taking his full size through it a few times.

The real story comes in from the poor performance of the 1/10 trucks, or more specifically, their owners. Pirata's T started up and ran a few good laps. He then got swamped in the mud pit and couldn't get restarted due to dead EZ start battery. No where to recharge out in the boonies. After having to do some field repairs (another story in and of itself), the Fantom fired up on the first pull (yeehaw) then it sputtered and died, and so did the battery on my rechargeable glow ignitor.

We both needed to let things charge overnight...uggh! I now own a drycell glow ignitor and a back up battery for my rechargeable. That won't happen again.
i carry 4 csize 3,500Nimh and 2 ignitors,never be underprepared,
so are you guys meeting up again next week.
muddy photos would be cool.
Our duty to our country keeps us occupied this coming weekend, but we are entertaining thoughts on the next weekend.

Believe me there will be photos at the very least and maybe even some video. I brought both my digital camera and digital video recorder for last weekend, with high hopes. Next time all batteries will be juiced and ready to play.
Darth..if you get a few bad habits around the house ,she will let you go every day,just to be rid of you for a few hours;)
LOL- I might try that Easy-MAXX.

The thing is, living in snow country (Buffalo NY), I have to get in as many runs as I can before the white stuff hits and when there is enought light outside after work.

Fear not the winter. I live near Albany, and I'm getting ready for it. Getting paddles and gonna waterproof the Maxx. She'll be ready. I do agree about the sunlight. Life gets dull when the "Dark Ages" set in. I suppose that would be a good time for headlights and a really big floodlight on the house!!!!!!
Candyman -

Are you putting paddles on the front and rear? I am using J-Hawgs right now and am curious to see if they will hook up in snow.

My budds and I just started discussing making headlights. The hardest part is figuring out how to make a mount for the superbright LEDs.