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When it gets out of range:

i gotta email them back saying I need a new PS4 button. Hopefully they ship me one for free. If not I ain't recommending radiolink anymore period. For now on I call them radio unlinked.
Direct quote from the email back
"Dear Sir,
Sorry to heat that.
In general, if users lose the accessory by themselves, you need to buy it and pay the shipping costs by themselves. We do not provide free accessory for such situation."

the rest of the email was about me getting new receivers through aliexpress and noting in the order to ship a PS4 button. Blah blah blah.

Well today I found my PS4 button laying between my hauler under my workbench. :rolleyes:

Also, they always direct me and other people through aliexpress. Me personally I don't like to use aliexpress. I use amazon since its much quicker for me. Ill order through aliexpress to get the new antenna that I need to test out.

Such a shame. :mad:
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Yea I give up. I'm done. I tried and tried.
Anyone want my radio for testing? PM me and ill give you a deal. Don't want this radio in my hands no more if I can't use it. Just wasted one of my biggest RC investments. Which was 255 bucks. Plus 30 bucks here and there for receivers.
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