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NCNitro thats fine dude,the other link i found was their old one that is not working:confused: but at least you got one now.
you guys have info i may need one day, that is how it works in my book and i like to help out where i can.
it`s good to be able to help someone even when posting the wrong link,so it`s cool you like it RG:D
Wrong site or not I liked it:D Thanks again!! got anymore wrong sites you might want to post????;)
some of the right sites i click on are a waste of time looking at,so a wrong one that is good is a great bonus:banana:
You got that right Did ya check out the one that was posted Nice stie? Dude if that wasn't the wrong site posted it should have been;) rofl
RG welcome to the E.A.D.C. website,you are now a honourary member of you posse,we`ll be over when the track is finnished:banana:
Easy Thank you and the posse. And if you or any of the Mates(lol) ever get over to the sticks of KS you better stop and bash with me;) I need a name for my track. You and das boys talk it over and give me some Ideas. Hey I heard you had valet wash going on the other day. Whats this polishing your wheels even?:D
it was more a case of Chazey2 being so old,i had to remove the mud etc.from his T,so he could lift it.charity more than a valet:D

we`ll try for a name to help you.where is it you live and the name of the farm.:banana:
Easy well it seems I was not told the whole story.;) can't wait to see the pics. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I'm in kansas and the farm I guess is RGFARM (Robert & Glenda) just what we call it. The wife and I:D Was a toss up between that or the Poor farm lol
RG raceway,Kansas.sounds cool to me.
Yeah, you can even add an extra hazzard to your track.......a Tornado. ;) Just Kidding RG Hopefully that will never happen.
Yeah Nitro I think you have hit the perfict name. The Maxx TWISTER LOL yeah maybe I'll even put in a over pass to hide under (just in case):p

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