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El Dorado Hills, CA
I raced my XXXNT-DA this weekend.
I have modified it to run on a paved oval track. We run a class called Nitro Truck
What a Gas…. Fast Action packed racing.
Check out the Video.. The pink truck is mine. I took 2nd in heat 1..
Heat 1 Nitro Truck
Go fast turn left. (Did I say that?)
Great Vid! Man you guys are hauling!

Looks like you lost it for about 4 laps there. Other than that, I would say you were dominating. I especially like that pass on the inside lane around the turn. The one where you went over the corner markers ;)

Nice vid!
I’m still a Rookie.. This is my first year and my 5th race.
I have spent the last 4 races trying to get the car dialed in.
This is the first race that I felt the car responding properly.
I was actually driving the car and the car wasn’t driving me.

I sure have a long way to go.
Cool video, nice choice of music too! Nice to see you are in touch with you feminine side, racing a pink truck takes balls. J/K nice job on the vid
Who was driving that red/pink truck. That guy sure needs some practice....JK. Cool vid, hope to see more like it.:banana:
i like vids. Keep them coming. Nice race fastesteddy!!!!!
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I'm working on the A Main Vid. 10 cars. See me fly and get caught in the lap counter wires.
Nice footage. Gotta see more of that. I'm curious as to how you end up in the lap counter. So keep it coming!!!! And good job on the 2nd place!
Originally posted by matts6887
Fasteddy; I can't see the video; whenever I click on that link u posted to the video; I get nothing but "garbage"....a bunch of numbers and letters and whatnot

This means that your viewer is not able to handle .wmv files. If you are a Mac user, this is a common problem. If you are a PC user, you need to either update your media viewer or obtain the appropriate plug-in for .wmv files.
I'm new to making videos.
Should I be using a different format?
.mpg would probably be the best.

I will see what I can do for you in the editing software arena. Freeware of coarse........
I have tons of software just need to learn how to use it.
Empty your PM box.. again... Buck-o.
mpeg layer 1 is good for quality but has a large foot print (big file size) mpeg layer 2 is not as good (the eye really can't tell to much) but it is a smaller file. If you have to need to know between the 2.

vitualdub is a good tool for converting/ripping divx formats
Cool vid, how hot do those engine get?
mpeg and avi formats are the most common video format going. The various layers of mpeg coding allow for varying degrees of quality, while avi allows for direct translation from your video producer (be it video recorder or camcorder) to the avi. WMV is PC specific and developed for the windows media player. At any rate, most viewers can handle all formats if they are properly set up and have the most recent plugins and codecs.