Race Track Designs??

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Does anyone have a good site that has different race track designs? Specifically I am looking for road tracks for 1/10th scale touring cars. TIA.

i am amazed you have had no replies,have you done a general search using google etc.
Every track I go to is different each time.
The tracks I see are from 120 to 150 feet ling and 50-70 feet wide.
Even the permanent tracks change configurations each time. Most tracks use old fire hoses to make the lanes. A track usually has an oval around the outside and on road is configured in the in field. The layout can be anything you want. Some are real technical and slow and some are more wind and sweeping. Go to different track websites and find what you like, try it and change it to find what works best for you.
A good place to look may be the track directory at RCCA. A lot of them have websites with pictures. I know TARMAC has a nice site and you can get a glimpse of their road course. It's a very nice one. And I know there are more. Might take a little foot work. But there is a lot to find.
Thanks for some of the links. I have a few ideas.

I also wanted to ask what do you see most people using to lay out the track?

Right now we are using mostly garden hose and some 100 ft extension cords. We thought about using wood at first but that was quickly shot down because one good hit and a person could be out for the rest of the day.

It has to be something that can be transported and would be nice if it was something that could be setup and torn apart quickly. Maybe like in a half an hour. Using hose isn't too bad but we need to buy more and its kinda a shame to buy brand new hose.

It would be awesome if one of our members had a huge pole barn where we could setup a track using PVC pipe like in the pictures on the dirtheaven website.

Again TIA.

EZ - I like that track a lot too. Nice and clean! And BIG!

McVickJ - The locals here, that run at the mall parking lot every Sunday, use a combination of both PVC and mostly 2x4's. No matter what you use, on road cars will be sensitive to hitting it at 50 ;) The nice parts about 2x4's is you can paint them Red and White (for effect) and they are easy to haul around.

Just my 2 cents.

If it were off road I would tell you drain tile all day.
toese are cool tracks dirt slingers is a fun track to run on
what do you guys use to keep the weeds off the race areas,weed killer of some sort.
i suppose bashing a maxx round it and doing the biz.will keep them at bay.
Most of the tracks Iv seen use old fire hose for the infield. You can hit them with a road car and go over them with out hearting your car. Go to your fire station and ask them what they do with the old ones. They role up real nice when your done.
Hmm....old fire hose. I do know someone who is on the local fire department. Hopefully they will just donate it to us if they have any. Funds are a little low right now.
do you not fill them with sand and polystyrene,so they keep their shape and stay still in an impact.
sand will flow better,and polystyrene will fill most of it up without any weight,leaving the sand to add a little weight to hold it still.
very technical;)