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Still repairing that 'Pede...what a MESS!
Trashed the chassis, skid plates, front bulkhead, all of the tabs on ALL the servos, two turnbuckles...the 'Pede sure ain't as beefy as the Maxx!
One more week maybe - I promised my Jr R/C hero that we could hit the track NEXT weekend...
That is certainly a larger jump than the ones we have around here...I am surprised that more wasn't damaged, and I was impressed with the landings that were actually made on some of those...well done on both the damage and the jumps...
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I'm working up the nerve to do those stinking jumps on my Mountain Bike...I'd hate to think of the damage I'll cause myself if I biff...
I'd hazard a guess that it will be considerably more than the damage done to the 'Pede
I didn't get much good footage - it's pretty boring stuff. There were 8 of us out there. My truck was the only one running right. Everyone else spent all three hours wrenching on their trucks!
As soon as my share on the server is increased from 20MB to 200MB...right now, the stuff on there is taking up space...I can dump the previous video and the last two bash sessions worth of photos, but the server is primarily for my family phots (even though the T is taking up most of the space).

Let me know if you are cool with the other stuff going away, and I'll add a movie or two tonight.
Of course...I've just not had as much time this week to devote to it as I expected...
The video is ready to burn...do you want it on CD, DVD, or both?