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After a long wait and a lot of work, R/C Nitro Talk is finally open. A lot of work and time has been put into this site to make sure everything suits the needs of its future members.

Even though a lot has already been done, there is still MUCH more to come. Some of the things to come is:

+ Link Databases: Members will also be able to add links to the directory

+ Reviews: I have already started working on some guides and reviews which will be up soon, I have also been lucky enough to work with some others that will also be submitting reviews and news.

+ Videos: We all love videos, and those are sure to come.

+ Picture Gallery: This is still in the air, though if it does become part of R/C Nitro Talk members again will be able to add their own pictures.

As time goes on, new forums and features will be introduced on request. Should you find something out of place or something that looks odd, please alert me as soon as possible to that it can be fixed.

As part of a "Grand Opening" R/C Nitro Talk will be giving away a brand new HYPER OS Max .15CV, more info on this give away is to come in the following days.




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Bump... Congroat's woodie... great job and I love the site...
Is this the prober way to use a bump? just wonder ing I dont want to losse my reputatiin four resuirecting the dead post.
You gotta love me... then again youm ight hate me right about now.. It hink I do.


Nitro ASSpired!!!
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Damn that was great spam. I like mine crispy and with rice please.


RC Driving Style
I think it kinda cool seeing woodies opening speach. I never saw it before :cheers:


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Well then if we are having spam and eggs can you make mine over easy then mix them up in my hashbrown and bring the tabsco please


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El Dorado Hills, CA
As part of a "Grand Opening" R/C Nitro Talk will be giving away a brand new HYPER OS Max .15CV, more info on this give away is to come in the following days.
I wonder if that thing is still running.
We all know who stole it and I'm sure he drove it like he did.

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