R/C Car Handling **Excellent Must Read

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I found what I believe to be the best ever article on R/C suspension setup and tuning.
You may want to print it out and keep a copy in the “reading room”.
It’s more than just the average "try this" article. Theory and numbers along with action V/ reaction. I know Retread will have a field day with this one. Get out your calculator.

I like the setup grid at the end. Its an advanced article and will provide an education for those that study it.

R/C Car Handling by Bruno Elvo
Yep - excellent info...I suggest downloading his zipped version. You never know how long that site will be there.
It doesn't work for me, is it gone or is it just me?
Its you...
If you need I can e-mail you the .zip file.
Originally posted by mattf
It doesn't work for me, is it gone or is it just me?

Try it again...the link is intermittant...it didn't work about half the time I surfed through it. I closed the link and then reopened it and it downloaded just fine.

Excellent information...the guy must be a Mechanical or Aerospace Engineer with some good training in structural mechanics and fluid dynamics. I felt like i was back in school reading one of my textbooks...

Good information for all levels of intelligence...:D

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