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:banana: i just want to learn a little more aobut RC nitro powerd cars be fore i go adn buy one. can you help me???:D
let me see I read this they do require fuel (dont hav to charge batteries all day) they require more care than electric and are a lot better than tyco
Thanks Maxxcrazy88 for pointing out that they run off fuel vs batteries.

So what specifically do you want to learn? My best advise would be use a search engine to check out about RC on the net. You probably have a ton of questions in your head you want answered but I would suggest asking the questions rather than having us play mind readers here. I failed Mind Reading 101, you can even ask my ex-wife!
Could you be a little more specific? What do you already know? And what do you want to know about in particular?
well i know teh gas vs.batery stuff i know they go pretty fast and most use a trigger remote controll. adn well a little on how to get a T-MAXX ready to run. adn that they can haul. i just want to learn a bit more aobut tehm be fore i get one.

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