question about something "in: my pipe

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question about something "in" my pipe

I have an ae pipe and took it off today and looked inside the pipe (with a flash light) and noticed the was something by the stinger. It seems as though it is some welding that dripped and dried in the middle of the drip. ( i hope i am not confusing anyone) I put a flat head screw driver in the pipe to confirm it was a metal object. By the way it is not blocking the air passage of the stinger. but it is in front of the inside part of the stinger.....Anyway should this be there or should i take it back to the lhs.
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No, it shouldn't be there. You can either return the pipe (if your LHS will take it back)...or you can see if your screw driver can poke it out. If it is in there firmly, and it covers any part of the opening of the stinger, then take a dremmel or drill and remove it by grinding it down. Make sure you do this with the pipe removed from the engine. When you have completed the task make sure you get all filings or pieces of metal out of the pipe. Do this by running water or oil or gasoline through the pipe. When you are done (especially if you use water or gasoline) make sure you give the pipe plenty of time to dry out before reinstalling it and running the engine.
If it is not in the air passage I dont think it is doing any harm. If it is, then you may be gettin a little too much restriction. If it bothers you that bad try writing the manaufacturer and see what they say about it. You may be surprised.