Post a picture of your HPI Savage!!

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that awesome machine up there with the big honkin' MGT tires. It has to travel a thousand miles (luckily, someone else is driving it there!) and it's his!


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800x600 is fine to post. ;)

Olds, you better get the shit off the stove before your wife see's that.


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rossb said:
That is a great paint job. How did you do the numbers, letters, and flag?
That body was one of the biggest PITA's ever. I swore I'd never do one again. That's why I never sold it. The whole thing was done by hand. I was going to use liquid mask, but that turned out to be a royal bitch, so I handcut each mask layer out of masking tape and had to paint like 5 different color layers to fill it all in. I have to say it's my favorite body so far, but it took forever.

Got Nitro?

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Here's a picture of my baby, Xtm 24.7,Hpi Polished Pipe,Tripple rates,And a retarded driver.



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Candyman said:
That body was one of the biggest PITA's ever. I swore I'd never do one again. That's why I never sold it. The whole thing was done by hand.
Wow, I am VERY impressed. Please post more pics.
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