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OK, today I decided to try to greak in my maxx 2.5.
I runs ok but seems to idle high. I tried adjusting the idle but couldn't change the pitch of the motor. Now the problem is that when I try to move it won't untill I rev it really high! What am I doing wrong?
Also, just to give you an idea it wouldn't move till about 1/4 throttle, it's piss rich because fuel was coming out the exhaust pipe. PLEASE someone help! I don't want to goto another site for info.:D
Originally posted by matts6887
Well; does it bogg at all when u are trying to give it gas to get it to move from a dead stop? Also; how many tanks have u run through it so far?

No, no bogging. 1/2 tank cause I can't get it to move, average temp was 106.

Originally posted by matts6887
Well; what tank # of fuel are u on? And did u lean it ONLY the amount that the break in instructions say to?

I haven\'t leaned it at all. Supposed to leave it be until after break in. All I did was richen the HSN a little because it wouldn\'t stay running for more than a second.
if oyur avg temp is 106 i think you might want to lean it just a little i know there supposed to be set right out of the box but doesn't mean that it was try resetting carb to factory specs and go from there

OK, called traxxas, seems nothing id wrong I was just too cautious. so I took it back outside and proceeded with tank one.
No problems:D Thanks for the help guys!!