Platform Crossover for Front A-arms / Wheel Hubs

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RC Newbie
I have a version of the HSP 1/10 monster truck with upgraded aluminium wheel hubs and a-arms. These work ok, but the internet if filled with poor quality aluminium and can be hit an miss. Even the better ones, don't take much of a bashing before the pins develop slop and the steering is unreliable. Sure the don't break, but its still not ideal. Plastic is definitely the way to go for a-arms, just wrap some tie-wire around hinge points and they are great.

I was thinking that the similarities in all the brands of car out there might make it possible for me to go to a different brand of a-arm or hub that could last longer.

Option 1:
The A arm links into a 3mm pin with a 26mm inner clearance for the body mount. I could possible replace the whole A-arm and wheel assembly if the connection points are compatible.

Option 2:
The Wheel Hubs attach to a 13mm wide hub with a 3mm pin. I could swap out this hub design with something stronger from some other brand.

I know there are other considerations ( dogbone length, link points, shock positions, etc). But if anyone else has done something like this it would be interesting to know your directions.

Sure i could buy whole other cars, but wheres the fun in that!