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If you have been following along with my Capra thread, you'll know that I have been searching for a replacement hub for my all-time favorite rims, the Pit Bull RC Raceline Ryno 1.9. I have been trying to reach anyone I can at their company, having used their "Contact Us" form on their website, sent emails to the Customer Service address listed on their site, and I have called the phone number on their site, having tried every option that they give, and every single one of those options all send you to a Michael Linderer's voicemail. I also spoke to Aimain Hobbies, who sell Pit Bull gear, and they had the same contact info, and were unable to get any responses as well.

Pit Bull RC seems to make really nice RC kit, rims and tires, and I believe it is the companies making top notch aftermarket gear, like theirs, that make this hobby so great. We need more of them, not less, and I certainly hope that nothing has happened to them. Has anyone heard anything about Pit Bull Extreme RC?