Pics of Darth's Maxx

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I scanned a few of the pics I took with my 35MM camera. These are a lot better than the ones my digital camera takes. Enjoy!!



Nice lookin' ride...are those J Hogs? How do you like them?
Thanks :)

Those are J-Hawgs. I like them so far. Good traction on pavement and dusty, hard packed dirt surfaces (the two types of terrain I've ran them on so far). I have the soft compound set. The stock foam inserts are VERY soft and don't provide any support, so I installed a set of Trinity 3 piece low-roll foams. They support the sidewalls very well and the tires seem like they are air filled. I'll be bashing on some good dirt hills tomorrow so I'll let you know how well they hook up.
Great...I saw a set at my LHS and just hadn't heard anything on them. They look pretty cool, and I'd imagine with that tread depth and pattern they get pretty good traction in the offroad environment. I'll be interested in your assessment of them.
Hey Sky, I just ran them again today and did a little hill climbing. The deep aggressive tread pattern really grips loose and rocky surfaces well. Try out a set!
Nice Truck Man!

Losson Losson Losson..... hehehehe
Will look into getting a set...right now, I have a fairly new set of Maxx Mashers that I have to destroy.
Chris, do you bash over at that losson site much? I should try and get out there.
Sweet truck, I like all the purple:classic:
Thanks for all the nice replies! :banana:

The picture dosen't show it, but the stock TRX is back in with a Duratrax header.