Paint advice - want to copy the iconic McLaren F2 GTR Long tail

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Hi folks,
So I've been doing a bit of looking up how to go about painting.
I've developed what I think would be the process to achieve the paint looks that I'm going for... and off the back of that I've developed that I "think" would be my process. Can I get some advice.

Ok so the paint look i'm going for is like the photo .. the iconic F1 GTR Longtail in the gulf livery

This is then how I think i'd go about it … what would everyone else do?
  • Mask all but central stripe & corners
  • Paint central stripe and corners orange
  • remove insides but not sides
  • Paint light blue
  • remove side masking and re-mask leaving the curved pale red stripe
  • paint pale red stripe
  • remove masking
  • paint dark red
  • paint wheel same orange as stripe
Thanks folks



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That's quite a paint scheme. You might also consider using a plastic mask pin stripe to cover the orange side stripe and keep it there as the break line between the masking for the blue and the black and then paint it last.
You'll need an airbrush to get the red fade in the black. That's not something that will work out with a rattle can.
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