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Newport News, VA
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So i have an rc10gt with an OS .12. It needs to be rebuild, piston and sleeve. Does anyone on this site do resizing themselves or am I better off buying a rebuild kit?

I have another RC10gt with an OS.18 on it and I am about to break it in, the .12 is sooo fast it doesn't even grab traction, so i may have bit off more than i can chew with the .18

I desperately need to get the .12 back on the road.

much help needed.



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Newport News, VA
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Bashing, Racing
so do I pull apart the piston and sleeve, or send the whole motor. If the sleeve is tighened back up wont there be alittle room where it goes into the motor, or is still a tigh fit?

From looking at his website, I am definitely going to send 2 of my motors off for a pinch!!!


Dekalb, IL
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Just send him the piston/sleeve only, with con-rod attached is ok. I mark the piston top and sleeve with a marker by putting a solid line from the piston to the sleeve so he knows the orientation of it in the engine. Not sure if it matters though. He normally cleans the tops of the pistons off to remove the carbon buildup as well.

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