For Sale On-Road Car(rs4 2) and Parts(rs4 3)

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i had bought this car and parts lot a while back in hopes of getting into on-road, but as with everything else, life got in the way, and its just not in the cards for me anymore. I would like for them to get some use rather than just collect dust like they are now.

RS4 2 : $100 OBO
i have ran 2 tanks in it, probably about a year an a half ago, ran well, no problems with it. here are the details on the car:

HPI .15FE engine
fubata fp-s148 servos
wheels are like new
2-speed trans
no battery box for rx
rear diff was locked up (spooled) when i got it
could probably use new drive belts
i have a porsche gt3 body for it, but its trashed from previous owner.

i have an AM rx and tx (w/o crystals) i can include with the car, the Tx is definitely good and pretty sure the Rx works but no promises on that.

RS4 3 Parts Lot: $70 OBO
there is the better portion of a compete car here, there are some parts missing but definitely a good collection of extra parts. there is a chassis a .15 engine, shocks, wheels(need new tires) a arms,diff housings,dog bones, fuel tank , 2 exhaust pipes, servos and other misc. parts

I am willing to do a package deal , and can work with you on shipping depending on price, feel free to make offers!

I dont have pictures of anything right now, but can snap a few if you need to see what anything looks like
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Its hard to make an offer sight unseen.... Could you post some pics or pm me some of what you have? I may be interested in a couple more winter projects......also whats the zipcode for Huntington NY? I may be interested in a roadtrip if its not too far...
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