Old Duratrax 835B- Preparing to race

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RC Newbie
I have an old Duratrax 835B that I’m preparing to take to the track. Coming back to RC since about 5 years ago and I recently found a track near by. I’ve never ran on a dedicated RC track and have always been more of a nitro stadium truck basher so this is new to me. I’m very interested. I’m decided to go nitro as I have this Duratrax I’ve been sitting on for awhile and only ran a few times just to bash awhile back. I understand that since I don’t really have any laps under my belt, there’s no point in investing in the hobby too deeply since I have an 1/8 scale buggy already...I’ll just use that. I’ll surly need to practice. I’ve got a brand new dynamite .21 Mach 2 that I’m going to put in it since it was reasonable price wise. Also will be running a Spektrum dx3 that I’ve had for awhile and plan on getting a new set of tires and wheels. Outside of suspension adjustments what could I do to this Buggy to prepare for the track? What else should I be prepared for to practice and maybe run a few races? What should I upgrade?

I think the pics attached.



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