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Well, off to Cleveland area for a couple days. Going to do some "fam" things like 6 Flags and RR Hall of Fame etc.. Id like to check out whatever tracks they have for R/C out there too and maybe some hobby shops.

Everyone be good and catch you on the flipside!
Is Cedar Point now a Six Flags park? Man, I've been away too long. Don't be disppointed if you don't find much in the way of RC playgrounds up there at the "Mistake by the Lake".

I used to live in west Cleveland suburbia...winters were fun for snow. I started into RC hobbying when I lived there. First RC was a Piper Cub. We totalled that thing almost every flight. Anyway...most of my hobby shopping was done via TowerHobbies due to a lack of good LHS support and availability. Granted that was almost 20 years ago...I'm sure things have changed...at least for your sake, I hope they have.

Have fun.

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