Ofna Hyper 7 RTR

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Does anybody have one of these? How do you like it? Any probs. with it?

I'm thinking about getting one and would like to know a little bit about it

From what I hear it is supposed to be a good package. My brother has been looking at the RTR long and hard but unsure if it would be a good one to start with for his first buggy. Anyone have one that can let us know?
I don't own a hyper 7, but I have expierience with them. I run with a guy that runs a hyper 7 pro, and he is constantly breaking parts. The front suspension arms don't hold up for crap, and he is constantly rebuilding the diffs. I have driven it, and it is very easy to control and drives around the track nice, but it just doesn't hold up. If you want to get a bulletproof buggy get a mugen or kyosho. I have had my mugen mbx4 xr since january and haven't broken one part. This buggy is solid!
GS Storm ... totally fun so far and NO broken parts. Some sick jumps and crazy tumbles on asphalt and VERY hard packed dirt.
The guys at our neighborhood track have all of them. The GS is a well-built unit. The Ofna and kyosho guys are always on the bench.
The RTR needs to be gone over and locktighted before you run it.
It seems to hold up good overall but that all depends on how you drive it.
On the other hand the pro kit is much stronger and durable.
The GS storms are not better than kyosho or mugen, but I would take one over an ofna. The gs storms need some work to hold up like a kyosho or mugen. The rear bulkhead has problems with breaking on hard landings, and the wing mounts are not very strong. Everyone I know with storms has these problems. The Mugen or kyosho buggies are way better than gs in terms of quality. And, matts6887, the mugen is not as expensive as a kyosho and holds up better in my expierience. The extra cash you spend on a kyosho or mugen is well worth it because you get a far superior buggy. If you are going to spend that much I would buy a mugen mbx4 xr works, although a kyosho is not a bad choice. I just personally think mugen buggies are better.