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i have wayyy too many off road cars to list. most of them are buggy's. i am loooking into buying a nitro touring car. i heard that the ntc3 was a good one. i want a kit version. do they sell a version with hopup parts already on it? like the factory version or something? can anyone give me engine recommendations to put on it? i have about 150 bucks to spend on an engine. if the ntc3 isnt a good car? which is?:banana: <---had to do that
Good choice on the car.
I believe they have a factory team kit.
Any name brand .12 will do just fine. You will need to make a choice before you get the kit of a side or rear exhaust.

.12 is legal for racing or .15 for outlaw. To stay mainstream go with an OS CV-R or OS-TR. If you want to go exotic Nova, Fantom and RB are a few to choose from.

Christion just got the kit, you may want to PM him with any questions.
thanks....wut does the factory kit have which the other kits do not? sorry for all the questions, i am such a n00b in on road. i only owned one on road electric tc3 (wayy too many monter trucks and buggies =]). that's why i want a nitro tc3 so bad. can u tell me about foam tires, good or bad? does the factory kit have a 2 speed tranny? where can i get pics and specs of the ntc3 factory kit?i seen how the rear exhaust looks like...not too pretty, but wut do any of you recommend for performance? i plan on racing this sucker:D thanks in advance :)
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Thats should get you to all the differences between them. Explore the links on that page.

In a nutshell, the #2031 that am building is a 2 speed, rear exhaust, bumpstart model. Of coarse I wanted the 2 speed tranny for higher speeds. The reason I wanted rear exhaust was for the 'straight through' bennefits. It has been shown time and time again that a straight through exhaust will perform better than a side exhaust. (but this will be my first rear exhaust so ill let you know my observations) Also, I dig bumpstart. Saves the fingers. But, adds more equipment to the list if you dont already have a starter box, or at least one of the right size.

I will be installing a Mugen Seiki MT .12 5 port Big Head mill. The guys locally running these can't say enough good about them. Ill let you know my thoughts after I'm running it.

In the electri side of the car I will use a Novak XXXTra FM Synth RX, MPI Failsafe, Futaba 'standard' servos (until it has been road driven and I establish what I want for my style of driving). I will also be picking up a Sanyo battery pack.

Hope this helps........
thanks...i have a team associated starter box already that was designed for the ntc3 and the rc10 gt. that should work fine 4 me. i was gonna get 2 engines for this car. already bolught the first one. the traxxas 2.5 engine for bashing. and an rb .12 for racing. sound good? i bought some hitec digital servos ahead of time as well. and a trinity hump pack. i heard hardcore has some nice hopups for it too. maybe i'll look into that:banana:
engines sound good - although I dont know how well the new 2.5 will fit.

I also just purchased the upper deck from Hardcore. I should have it next week. Ti.

I'm about half way done building the kit. Loving It!!!!
whoa...this harcore kit is sooo cool. they even sent me some trick looking golf tees to balnace my car on. it balances real nice. gonna start up the rb .12 tommorow morning. o yea the 2.5 took some elbow grease and mods to put in. but it fit!

Cmon Cmon Cmon!

What Hardcore kit did you get?

i had an extra stash of cash (hehe i ryhmed) so i went to hardcore's site and bought everything on it. in GREEEN!!! BWAHAHA i LOVE GREEN!!! i will post pics but my girlfriend said she was gonna get me me sony mavica for christmas...bummer. i'll see wut i can post.