Odd issue with DHK Hunter and BL Combo.

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I am having an issue with the BL setup in a DHK Hunter i picked up. The original BL motor melted one of the wires off it after i changed to a 15T pinion, and, since i got the truck used, i figured, maybe the motor had other issues anyway, so, i swapped to a BL GoolRC combo i picked up (yes, i know, its a GoolRC, but i have had really good luck with them in other vehicles). The combo is stated as a 60A ESC and 3800KV 3660 motor. The problem is, it kills a 2S Gen's Ace 5000MAH LIPO in less than 5 minutes, but, none of my other vehicles do that. It will start out fine, then, within 5 minutes, the battery alarm is going off, and it shows 7.8V, and the truck wont move. Nothing is binding, and the motor and ESC barely register over 100 degrees, so i dont get it, so, any ideas on what i might look for? I have that same combo in a Redcat Blackout XTE, and that will run 30 minutes before the battery dies.
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