O.S. CV-RX at Altitude...

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Anyone else run one of these at altitude (like at or above 6,000ft)...

I've been rather disappointed so far with performance...running the Mutant Head and the stock head. Temps are HIGH and performance is LOW!!

Seems to have less power than my ported TRX...and that's saying a LOT.
my bashing mate is fairly high when he uses his,and he has the mutant head too.does that count:D
But ... How much can u actually do about it when u are living at high altitudes. Install a pure oxygen tank , a really small one and then feed air into the engine ? jks jks . Your really going to have to run it at a lower altitude.
Easy-Maxx what fuel are you using how much nitro in it???
Hunter..i use jonker tornado 25%nitro,i have upped the oil content up from,9% synthetic and 3% castor to a total of 16%.
tornado has become popular for maxxers over here.