o.s. cv-r .12(s) question

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I'm thinking of what engine to get for my gt plus after the winter because ill be racing come springtime.

I'm looking at the o.s. cv-r .12 (s) i hear it is a direct fit into the gts.

i have two questions.
#1 is its carb rotatable?(can i turn it to fit the gts linkage)
#2 can i attach a pullstart?( dont have enough money for a starter box)

#2 is somewhat stupid but i want to make sure i have the facts before i buy.

hear is the engine: http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p.pgm?Q=1&I=LXUU27&P=7
For the price your looking at why dont you drop in a Fantom Fr.15???
I'm looking for the o.s. cv-r (s) so i dont have to cut the crank shaft. i would most likely screw it up. if the fantom comes in a short crank version ill take a look at it. since the short crank o.s. only comes in a non-pull start version.
You won't screw it up, just pull out your trusty dremmel with a cutting wheel or even a hacksaw will work, will just take longer

The important thing is to take you time, you can alway's cut more off but you can't put it back on after it's cut. :D

Your LHS may cut it for ya, have you asked them?