Novak Havoc sport brushless system

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If you're looking to upgrade from an old brushed type motor to a brushless system or looking for a speed upgrade for your 1/10th scale off-road and on-road RC vehicles then you should take a look at Team Novaks new brushless system the Novak Havoc Sport!

The Novak Havoc Sport offers the same features found on all other Novak motor and speed controls, the 540-sized motor is equipped with a...

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One of the features of the Novak Havoc sport is the "Water-resistant case with gasket seal" - does anyone know if the Castle Creations Sidewinder is also water resistant? I was unable to find any information on Castle's website?

Know anyone who has tryed this thing yet?
Okay, I have noticed this thing is just about to be put out on the market and I think I may become an owner (hope not victim) of one of these. My main question in my mind is what makes it cheaper than the other novak systems? I guess I'll find out when it is released and I have the $$$ to buy it.
Got to bump this. Is there any comparison specs for this thing? In other words, as far as specs go, how is this thing compaired to CC mamba and other novak bl's?