Nitro HPI MT2 with g3.0 motor

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RC Newbie
So I have a Nitro Hpi mt2 with the newer g3.0 motor. I got it thru a trade and at first it was running great. Then I somehow stripped the rear dif gears. I ordered parts for it. Right now i just switched the rear and the front diffs so i have a rwd instead of awd. Now when I start it, I can get it to run but my 2 biggest problems right now i have are 1. When i get it started i can't start it again if its hot. My other big problem is that when i have the car running, i can accelerate but when I push forward on the remote to decelerate, it acts as a kill switch. When i push forward the car just dies. Does anyone have any suggestions or has run into that problem before. Thank you for the replies
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