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El Dorado Hills, CA
Your site is well done.
I look forward to talking about my other RC Cars / Trucks with others.
Keep up the good work. :)
I like the dancing Banana:banana:
yea its looking good .. tis nice to have somewhere else to go lol:cheerful: :cheerful: :)
Great site, I also like the banana :banana:
Can i give my chance to commend woody on behalf of myself and all the others on the fantastic job that he has done on this forum that has huge potential, Any guesses on how big it will get, I will say Very very big.
This is a good board. Plan to use it a lt.
Yeah me too great site guys keep up the good work:banana: :banana: And the bannanas are crazy:banana:
Very nice work Woodie. I gotta ask, did you do the bananas yourself? They are cool!! (Sorry, but I must put at least 1 in each post, so :banana: )
Been here for all of 5min and I have to say it is a real good sight.
Veeerrryyy Niiiccceee... I like it. My wifes gonna kill me if I stay on the computer any
i like the fact that more people are coming onboard,and most of them are from the traxxas board,so known by most of us.
Very nice board. I don't know when I'll get a chance to actually run my cars now that there's another board to browse through:eek:
I am sure you will find time to run your cars.:banana:
rc during the day and surf the forum at night,no need to sleep is there;)
babies and old folk,sometimes i`m called one or the other;)

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