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Hi, I bought my T-Maxx last Saturday, this is my first real R/C vehicle and I have a question. I have already performed a search and couldn't find an answer.
I noticed that the front end dives really hard when on the brakes and when turning. How can I stiffen up the front a bit to compensate. I really don't want to change the shocks just yet, I figure once things start to wear out is when i will upgrade. :)
Also, real newbie question here.... how do you shut the motor off? The instructions say(yeah, i actually read the instructions) to pinch the fuel line. I can't get my fat fingers in there to pinch it, so I just cover the exhaust for a second and it kills it. I know this can't be good for it, but I can't figure out any other way. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.....
put more spacers on the shocks that came with your truck
If your truck is stock, put in 40wt shock oil like I did. It helped out quite a bit. I then added the RPM 2-stage pistons and it is even better.
You can also replace the springs, I use the trinity blues, also like DarthRacer said go to a heavier wt shock oil. To shut it off I block the stinger too. I actually feel this is better for the engine then pinching the fuel line. When you do that it leans the engine out just before it quits, by blocking the exhaust stinger it will just load up a little and quit. just my $.02
Well geez! I didn't even get a chance to throw my 2 cents in. You all took my ideas! Yup. Heavier shock oil. Stiffer springs. Fantom, I read once that adding spacers only raises the ride height, but doesn't change the damping rate of the spring. Is that right? So wouldn't adding spacers still cause it to dive? Not bashing, just asking because that has confused me for a while. And that's easy to do!!!

and just for the record, I cover the exhaust stinger to shut down.
Candyman, you are correct, the spacers only adjust ride hieght and do nothing as far as compression and rebound rates, or dampening. I do not want to bash either, just help.
Thanks guys, that makes sence. I guess I will also experiment with the different valves it came with too. This is going to be a cool hobby. And a little less expensive than my sportbike.
NCN, thanks for clearing that up for me. I had heard things in both directions, but wasn't sure. It's good info. Thanks again.
Its a great hobby, great but expensive, and there are alot of good knowledgable guys here that are more than willing to help you out. We were all newbies once. Wait till you really get the nitro bug, its an incurable disease, lol. But who would want to cure it anyway, other than our wives. :D Anything you need just ask I got a ton of links and I am always ready to help out a fellow R/Cer. BTW welcome to the forum, here have a :banana:
NCNitro, I have found a bunch of stuff already from here and other forums. But I can always use more knowledge and experience. Thanks for the welcome. And trust me I know about getting bugs from hobbies, I ride a Honda CBR929RR sportbike. There's an expensive hobby. As I was explaining to my wife last night about all the stuff you can do to the T-Maxx, she asked me if I was ever going to buy something, and not do any mods to it.:D
Remember, as you adjust the stiffness of the front shocks the stiffer you go the less steering you will have on a slick surface.

The dipping and forward weight distribution helps the front tires dig into the soil and byte. Everything you do will have an effect somewhere else. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Please come forward with any questions you may have. We will be glad to share our opinions with you, or anyone that will listen.:D
Ok here is my take

First upgrade on any Maxx atleast 40w shock oil all around.
Here is my view of shocks and springs
And I agree with NCNitro on doing killing by plugin exhast instead of staving it for fuel. Its a tiny engine but fuel starvation is bad anywhere anytime no fuel in a Nitor means No lube on piston and cylinder. X
The first upgrade on any T-Maxx should be an inline fuel filter and a better air filter...then you can think about shock oil weight. Upping the oil weight won't do you a bit of good if the motor seizes do to some FOD (foreign object damage) created by material ingested through the carb (either via fuel or air).
Skymaxx, you just said it all!

The first upgrade on any T-Maxx should be an inline fuel filter and a better air filter...

These definately need to be the first things done to any T or other R/C for that matter. These two inexpensive items can save you alot of money in damage later.
Originally posted by SkyMaxx
The first upgrade on any T-Maxx should be an inline fuel filter and a better air filter...then you can think about shock oil weight. Upping the oil weight won't do you a bit of good if the motor seizes do to some FOD (foreign object damage) created by material ingested through the carb (either via fuel or air).
Ok my bad I should have clarified and said this "Ok here is my take. The first suspension upgrade on any Maxx is atleast 40w shock oil all around." Notice I said Maxx and not T-Maxx I was lumping them together anyway you guys made the correct call in clarifying that for me... you picky little fellows. X:p
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You guys are great. I never really thought about the air and fuel filters and will be going to my LHS tonight after work.

Anything else I should be looking for tonight when I get there?
Seeing as how this is a T-Maxx forum...expect that. Woodie maybe it is time to create an E-Maxx forum for our electric counterparts.

sykotyk...get some heavier springs and some heavier oil for your shocks if you desire. I would go no higher than 50 wt oil on the stock shocks. You might also look into getting a steering servo skid and a center skid, but those are your option. I would recommend getting a better steering servo at your earliest chance. Think about a better pipe (Traxxas Tuned Pipe and AE's pipe are good pipes to try). An exhaust diverter is a cheap and effective upgrade for a little extra oomph from your motor as well as keeping the underside of the truck clean. Along the suspension lines, look at picking up either the Proline suspension kit or a set of RPM StableMaxx rims with your choice of tire (Proline's Velocity 6 with 1/2" offset is another good rim). I mention these for the reason that they widen you trucks footprint which makes for a more stable ride and makes the truck resist flipping in turns.
I'm running 50 wt oil in my Dynamite shocks with the trinity blue springs too, and they help the handling tremendously. A complete set of springs is like $15 and $3 for the oil, thats a good place to start for handling improvements. I also use the Dynamite anti-sway bar and that thing keeps the front wheels planted I can hit a corner at wot and it really stays planted.