new tires whats the best all around tire

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9.5 pro man

RC Newbie
RC Driving Style
I was thinking about getting some dirty hairys or some thing like that that would last long what do you think :banana:


RC Newbie
RC Driving Style
dirty harrys are good. but it all depends on what type of surface you are gonnna run on.

9.5 pro man

RC Newbie
RC Driving Style
I would be in mostly gravel I kind of like those crime fighters too what would be better for gravel and last longer


RCNT Basher
RC Driving Style
If you are running in gravel messing around and not racing, I would go with some beefy medial pro tires. They are made from real rubber and last very long. They are not really a race tire tho, mostly for play.

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