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matts6887 Hey man whats your problem I was just tring to let you guys know there was a new product coming out why you dissing me man with all your LHS guy this and that stuff that ain't right talking to me like that man.

Did I fool you? No I tottaly agree on the on the Thunder Tiger Products.. I think AE makes some great stuff their road cars are exceptional along with thier stadium trucks and buggies but if this is just a TT EK4 then I would be really skeptical.. The thing that I have noticed recently is that acehobby is not only the only distributor of Thunder Tiger Products but on their main page they are pushing the fact that they now have a full line of AE products so it makes you wonder if TT is getting in bed with AE because that new AE truck is supposed to have a TT Mill... X
Regardless of TT's reputation, I don't think that AE would put in just any old junk into their kits. I'm interested to see the design of this new truck.
TT and AE have been in bed for a while. The .15 in the RC10GT RTR is a collaboration between TT and AE. I think it's a good engine. It has run well and it's easy to tune. They also fit the truck with TT tires. Don't say much for them. I spun the nubs off of them in short time. But the engine is good. I've been running AE stuff since they release the RC12E back in the late 70's. I have always thought they built good cars. I wouldn't underestimate this one. It's too soon to tell. But in might be a contender.