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matts6887 Hey man whats your problem I was just tring to let you guys know there was a new product coming out why you dissing me man with all your LHS guy this and that stuff that ain't right talking to me like that man.

Did I fool you? No I tottaly agree on the on the Thunder Tiger Products.. I think AE makes some great stuff their road cars are exceptional along with thier stadium trucks and buggies but if this is just a TT EK4 then I would be really skeptical.. The thing that I have noticed recently is that acehobby is not only the only distributor of Thunder Tiger Products but on their main page they are pushing the fact that they now have a full line of AE products so it makes you wonder if TT is getting in bed with AE because that new AE truck is supposed to have a TT Mill... X


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Regardless of TT's reputation, I don't think that AE would put in just any old junk into their kits. I'm interested to see the design of this new truck.


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TT and AE have been in bed for a while. The .15 in the RC10GT RTR is a collaboration between TT and AE. I think it's a good engine. It has run well and it's easy to tune. They also fit the truck with TT tires. Don't say much for them. I spun the nubs off of them in short time. But the engine is good. I've been running AE stuff since they release the RC12E back in the late 70's. I have always thought they built good cars. I wouldn't underestimate this one. It's too soon to tell. But in might be a contender.

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