New T-MAXX....aaarrrrgghhh!

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Well...TRAXXAS just had to go and throw a wrench in my plans for a .21. They've released info on their new T-Maxx...apparently a .25 TRX Pro, beefier chassis plate, wider suspension, and some other goodies:

What to do?:D
I want the new engine and easy-start.

My Maxx is already wider with Stablemaxx rims.
The arms are beefier with RPM arms.
The turnbuckles are beefier with lunsford all around.
The driveshafts are beefier with Dynamite universals.
My next upgrade is to the RC Raven shock towers - adjustable.

All I would need to match the new Maxx is the new chassis and engine!! Thank you Traxxas!!!
True...the 2.5 could be referring to its Hp...I guess we'll have to wait and see what they rate the motor at.
IF they ever rate the engine hehehehe.....

Well, I'm not bummed, but, I'm not a jumping bananna either. Looks like I am going to move forward with building a SuperMaxx ;)

Depending on what type of Electrics they decide to include with the new Maxx will probably determine if I get one at all. The statement they make about the "already available" parts, tells me I could easily upgrade my current maxx to what they will have in the box.

To be honest, I expected an 8th scale class, balls to the wall, kind of truck. But I will not prejudge, because the one point they make is true, VERY TRUE! .....similar in size.....MUCH more power thrown in it..... Now that is the idea! Light and fast! And they most definately answered the call of "easy adjustment" between the "botomless maxx" and "racing maxx". Which truly was/is my #1 pain in the bottom.

can't wait to see one running............:banana:
All standard T-Maxx hop-up's work with the new maxx, which to me sounds like all Traxxas did was put a bigger engine on a thicker chassis.

Wider? well from the pic they show there it doesn't look wide enough to be slapping a label of "WIDER" on it.

Ohh well, i guess time will tell when the truck is released.

Christian...the electrics are the same stuff that is in the old T-Maxx. The steering servo is rated at a whopping 80 oz in, and they seem to think that is impressive...

Woodie...they advertise a full 14mm per side width increase...that is like 1/2 inch, sounds like Proline Suspension kit renamed...

Matts...I haven't been able to get the HPI website to come up. Does the Savage really look that good?

For all....I think that I'll continue in my quest for a "SuperMaxx'.
I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping for a 1:8 scale T-Maxx.

The chassis is still thinner than some of the aftermarket ones available now. The steering servo is still weak.

Woodie...they advertise a full 14mm per side width increase...that is like 1/2 inch, sounds like Proline Suspension kit renamed...

I totally agree Skymaxx.

I'm sorry to say I am not impressed, Looks like a supermaxx would still be a better way to go. With a .21 OS or Fantom, imo will still smoke this new T.

Does anyone know what kind of $$$ they will be getting for it
2.5cc =.15Ci,same size as current mill,wirh a higher rev range50,000rpm
It still looks like the lsn is hidden behind the fuel tank. a carb flip could be done but due to the slide carb it would be more difficult, wouldnt it?
Yeah that new one has a slide carb. Which tells me the LSN is in fact STILL by the tank hehehe. I dont know for 100% certainty. However, no more linkage over the spur, AND, a slide carb, which I prefer.

The thing I'm wondering, is how hot this new mill will run?!?! 600? j/k - but we already know how hot the regular TRX mills run. This one cranks 50k RPM. Just have to wait and see.

I still think I'm just going to move forward with the SuperMaxx.
Looks like all are equally un-impressed with the new TRAXXAS least on this site. There are some showing interest on the TRAXXAS forum, but I think they just don't know enough to know any better.

The SuperMaxx is a go on this I can't wait to start ordering parts for it...
Hate to sound like a wet blanket, but this looks like Traxxas just redid the Maxx. If this is their "big secret" then I'm a bit bummed. All the "new" features this is advertizing are things you all have been doing already. Or modifications of things we've been complaining about. I don't see it as a new truck. Just an improved one. We've been complaining about the TRX. So they build a "better" one. Same displacement. Probably just retooled for better performance. Much like our home porting. Wider for better stability. Just like the ProLine and other systems. Heavier drives which many people have already switched to. Beefier turnbuckles to replace the steel ones we all break.
The way I see it, they're doing what we've all been doing already. I would guess it's no better than most of our already modified Maxxes. Will it hang with the Savage? The Dominator? The Mad Force? Nope. Still smaller than them. Looks like they've just made a "new model year" Maxx. I guess we'll see.
I concur and have been blasting Big L on the TRAXXAS site...I don't think he's happy with me right now. The new T is just a new model. Granted it is being sold with a "Fantom"-like .15, the "Wide Maxx" or Proline Suspension system, and a couple of other minor adjustments for the price we bought our stock Maxxes. The only thing this new truck does is eliminate the need for one or two hop ups, but I think people will still make the changes to the motor, suspension, etc. anyway.
I too am less then impressed. As Candyman suggested, My T is already there and then some. The good part is that I don't have to shell out another $400.00! I just keep upgrading my current Maxx and I will have no problem hanging with the "New" Maxx.
Are you kidding? With a Fantom in your Maxx, depending on your gearing, you will crush this new T like a grape. Heck...if you gear your Fantom for speed, the new TRX 2.5 is toast. Just my opinion mind you...
Already read it, and if you read my will see that I neither bashed the company nor the product. I simply made the comment that I was unimpressed with the thing...why is it that people just don't freakin' read the thread? :D