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:classic: hi i am starting a new RC club adn am goijg to be having races with off road vehicles admn on road. but the club is in northwest is teh web site. it may look a little bit unfinished causew it is unfinished. but if you live in North west oregon adn watn to join adn compete in races just for fun in teh begining. but later maybe for somthing then email me at [email protected] .
i hope you join ...:devious:
Why not tell me first are any of these races going to be at my track?? shouldnt you lay ot some tracks first
The site is informational only. me and TF will be making this club soon. you can email him (above)
or me at [email protected] .
I sugest emailing him because he has more details than I do and he checks his email more than I do. I just learned about this abut 2 hrs. ago.
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its just informational now but it will be teh place where we do everything once i get teh chat working.
teh site is now half way done. it is also now teh official site of Team OMEGA. it has teh race types times adn memebers sofar included. adn a few pictures. adn just so ya know I'm RacerXXXZERO, maxx is Maxxcrazy88
Methinks Niffken has A LOT of time on his hands....
ok please stop turning my forum into a playground.....
who cares what people post except that it is a little out of whack
we got a chat now. you just have to get an acount on msn and search up teh group Vernonia Oregon Nitro RC Club. adn also we are now excepting southwest washington as a part if anyone from tehre wants to join. remember [email protected] is teh place to email if you want to join or just help out some. and teh website is also teh home of Team OMEGA.
my post is for entertainment. I hope not to offend anyone. I thought i was a good spot to put it in. I am not here to make ANYONE mad or upset. We are all buds in here right?????
of course my cousin was just ticked because it took too long to load any anyway you have way too much time on your hands