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I was told today that Traxxas will offer an upgrade package (Parts) from the old Maxx to the new Max everything excluding the 2.5. Price under $100.00

Is this true??
I don’t know.
So what do you get then? A copy of the pro line suspension and thicker plastic driveshafts, what else? Not a good deal imo.
Ya, I guess so..
I walked in on the conversation at my LHS today.
We were getting a chuckel out of it as well.
I’m not sure.
I don’t want to guess.
This isn’t the "Other Forum" :rolleyes:
You now know what I know.
I was hoping someone else would know more.
We should drop this like a grenade into the other forum and see what comes out of it.
I bet we could really piss of the mods and employees too, they are all in an uproar over there all thinking they got jipped anyway. I say do it.:banana:
Fire in the hole...
Freestyle is where the wild fire should be burning in...say...ten minutes...:D
Accomplices are always welcome...
Ok - Directly from a Traxxas employee.

No idea of conversion kit yet or whether it will be available. If so, no price associated with it.

In regards to trade in for a .15 to a 2.5. Maybe someday, not today, no idea of the cost yet, earliest will be oct-nov.

* I cannot vouch for the validity of anything anyone says - I'm not married to any of them nor do I eat dinner with them.
That kinda ruins the fun of starting a little anxiety in the TRAXXAS forum...thanks Christian...;)
MAn every time that other board gets brought up I want to just yell at one of the mods at the top of my lungs YOU FAT PIG SHUT UP with you big Oval REAR..

Anyway I don't want to say names cause that could upset someone. X
well sky if that did not have the desired effect,couls we all change you traxxas sig to a link on here,subtle but there in their face;)
i wouldn`t marry you guys but i`d eat a JD washed dinner with you.
We would then get a herd of undesirables joining this forum...I think a link to this site as a signature would be good if we could filter out the knuckleheads....
So whens the JD BBQ?


North Carolina?


Wheres Woodie?