new hobby store online. t-maxx's in stock

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hey everyone. this hobby store will be very good. they are competing with tower and the are excellent to work with. so check them out.

click here
You should add the site to our links page here also!!!

hmm that interesting because on that site the new tmaxx is $417.00 with shipping not including tax. on tower the car would be around 372 with shipping not including tax(this is inlcuding tower 300 or more you get 25 bucks off) so why do you say they compete with tower?
the t-maxx is the ony one that is 408. and I'm sorry but tower is 389. so really its not 372. but they have awesome prices on most other things. plus they will have a parts site where you enter the part etc and they will get it for you. they are presently adding new stuff everyday.

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